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The perfect pickle difference

The perfect snack, nausea relief, and calming effect.

General Suggestion

Women should eat these pickles during pregnancy, because that’s what they were made for.

Baby wants a pickle!
And mom, too.

Our unique recipes are crafted specifically to satisfy those cravings as well as give relief to common side effects of pregnancy.

And it’s not just for the mom to-be either. Most people love pickles, but not everyone loves sodium.  Our unique recipes allow the sodium weary to enjoy our product without any of the negative effects of SALT on the body. Women, men, children and that new baby can all get in on the deliciousness!!

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We’ve been in the pickle industry for years.

The idea for PREGGO PICKLE came when entrepreneurs and owners of CLEVELAND PICKLE Kiaran and Josh Kabat were expecting their first daughter Kanan.  Kiaran’s non-stop pickle cravings got the couple’s wheels turning. They realized that even though the status quo for pregnant women was to crave and then eat pickles, there was not a specific pickle aimed at relieving pregnant women’s pickle cravings and pregnancy symptoms.   When Kiaran became pregnant with their son Kopper the pair knew it was the perfect time to create PREGGO PICKLE.

“WE hope you enjoy these pickles as much as I did during my 2 pregnancies.  They truly satisfied my cravings and gave me relief from many of my symptoms” -Kiaran Kabat

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The Cleveland Pickle

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Made with love in Cleveland, Ohio